4-day General Public Voyages

From AUD $600.00
  • Duration: 4 Days (approx.)

The Perfect Get Away Adventure!!

Come Sail on South Passage, Queensland’s tall ship. Create memories that will last a lifetime! Join South Passage on her way north to over-winter in FNQ. 

Here’s your chance to experience first hand what it is like to sail a 100 foot ship the traditional way.  South Passage is a sail training ship used to develop sailing and life skills as well as providing a unique and fun-filled adventure against the backdrop of the breath taking scenery of the east coast of Australia.

South Passage is a two-masted 100 foot (30.5m), gaff rigged schooner.  She is a modern ship, launched in 1993, but built on the design of the 19th century pilot schooners that operated off the east cost of America.  She is sailed the traditional way where everything is done by hand.

On this voyage, you will run the ship under the guidance of the watch leader and one of the qualified crew. Passengers are organised in three watches named Red, White and Blue usually with between 6 and 8 in a watch. They are rostered for periods of two to fours hours and are in charge of the ship.  Each watch works as a team. They bunk together, eat together and run the ship together when they are on duty. Of course, there are times when it is all hands on deck with all watches involved.  When on watch the passengers will rotate around deck duties such as helming, lookout and recording entries in the ship‘s log and on the chart as well as tacking and gybing when required.

Our crew will show you how to raise sails, haul in a sheet, tack and gybe.  You will take a turn at the helm and feel the deck lift under your feet as the wind fills the sails.

There are 3 voyages to choose from:

1.   Hervey Bay to Rosslyn Bay 17th - 20th May

DEPARTS:    The Boat Club Marina 1 Buccaneer Dr, Hervey Bay

                     8:30 am Monday 17th May  (board by 8:00 am or the night before)

 ARRIVES:     Keppel Bay Marina, 1 Waterline Way, Rosslyn Bay

                     approx. 5:00 pm Thursday 20th May

POSSIBLE HIGHLIGHTS:  Lady Musgrave Island, Cape Capricorn Lighthouse, Keppel Islands

2.   Rosslyn Bay to Airlie Beach 27th - 30th May   

DEPARTS:    Keppel Bay Marina, 1 Waterline Way, Rosslyn Bay

                     8:30 am Thursday 27th May (board by 8:00 am or the night before)

ARRIVES:     Coral Sea Marina, Shingley Drive, Airlie Beach

                     approx 4:00 pm Sunday 30th May 

POSSIBLE HIGHLIGHTS:  Outer Percy Island, Southern Whitsunday group.

3.   Rosslyn Bay to Hervey Bay 1st - 4th September 

DEPARTS:    Keppel Bay Marina, 1 Waterline Way, Rosslyn Bay

                     8:30 am Wednesday 1st September (board by 8:00 am or the night before)

ARRIVES:     The Boat Club Marina 1 Buccaneer Dr, Hervey Bay

                     approx 4:00 pm Saturday 4th September

POSSIBLE HIGHLIGHTS:  Keppel Islands, Cape Capricorn Lighthouse, Lady Musgrave Island, Fraser Island.

The cost includes all on-board meals, accommodation, training and safety equipment.

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